10 Mistakes People Make After They Have Been In a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. If you are involved in an accident due to the negligence of someone else it is important not to make the following mistakes, as it can ruin your chances of getting compensation from the at fault party.

Common Car Accident Mistakes

  1. Not Contacting the Police: This is a must in the event you are pursuing a lawsuit. A police report brings a 3rd party, non-biased perspective, documenting the cause of the car accident. It also protects you from false claims from the at fault driver.
  2. Not Swapping Insurance Information: Always exchange insurance information, whether or not you feel there is no damage, or no one was injured. Many times symptoms of injury can occur several days after the accident. If you plan on seeking legal help you will need the following information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Insurance Information, License Number, License Plate Number, Make and Model of vehicle).
  3. Not Taking Pictures of The Accident: Documentation of the accident is key, and a picture speaks volumes when pursuing legal recourse. It can tell the story of the accident, road conditions, severity of the crash, vehicle placement, etc…This can help solidify your account of the accident, in turn, supporting your claim.
  4. Not Calling Your Insurance Company: It is important to let your insurance company know of the accident once it has occurred. Also failing to report the accident to your insurance can inhibit your ability to recover property damages and payments associated with any injuries you may have sustained.
  5. Not Receiving Medical Treatment: The law in Florida states you have 14 days to from the day of the accident to receive medical treatment. It is important for you to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if you do not feel any pain, as your body may be in shock and symptoms of pain may be felt later. Also a licensed medical professional can document and diagnose injuries, which will be used when pursuing an auto accident claim.
  6. Trusting Your Insurance Company: Insurance companies are a for profit entity, which means they will try and find ways to either not pay you or pay the least amount possible. It is important for you to review your policy thoroughly, and never take your insurances word for it. As they may not be working for your best interest.
  7. Never Assume Guilt: When discussing the accident with the police or other driver, never assume you were the cause of the accident. As these claims may be used against you. Also you may think you were at fault when in actuality you were not the cause of the accident.
  8. Not Pursuing A Claim Until It Is Too Late: It is important if you are involved in an accident that you follow 2 steps “Doctor First, Attorney Second”. Your attorney can help navigate you through the process and the correct course of action to take to file a claim.
  9. Not Knowing Your Rights: When you get in an accident, it is important to get proper representation to make sure your rights are protected. Many people don’t know they can pursue damages for (loss of property, medical bills incurred, pain and suffering, lost wages). A car accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation from the guilty party and the insurance company.
  10. Not Contacting An Attorney: Probably one of the most important steps to take outside of getting medical treatment. A personal injury attorney will provide you with a free consultation to help understand what happened and whether or not you have a case to pursue damages. It is extremely important to seek the advice of a legal professional, as they know the law, how insurance companies work and how to build your case to maximize your compensation.

Gainesville Car Accident Lawyer

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